About Pendulum


Owns, Operates, Develops, Manages

Our firm creates and executes value-add placemaking strategies utilizing its extensive real estate operating experience. Placemaking ensures our properties provide the best experience for our customers, their mode of work, their guests, and our community.

We offer unmatched levels of service through extraordinary attention to detail and strong relationships with our customers and partners. 

Our discipline and market knowledge allow us to recognize and respond quickly to cycles. We are committed to maintaining pricing discipline and understanding the capital markets and market fundamentals. This approach helps us to understand where the pendulum is on its arc and allows us to cater strategies to meet the specific objectives of our clients in an ever-changing world.

“There is a somewhat predictable swing of the pendulum in real estate investing. It requires creativity, deep analytical aptitude, experience and conviction to unlock value when fear grips the marketplace. This same skillset and extraordinary discipline are required at the other end of the pendulum’s swing, when the herd makes unrealistic assumptions in search of gain that set the stage for the next collapse. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, but the adept investor can find opportunity at almost any phase along the pendulum’s arc.”

- Kevin Hayes, CEO

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Core Values


We seek to inspire trust. We do what we say and we say what we mean.

Pursuit of Excellence

Hard work produces character in our team, excellence in our product, and satisfaction for those who benefit from our work.


We are continuously learning and adapting, allowing new ideas to create better places, processes, and returns for our investors. Creativity is core to our DNA, and humility creates an openness to change.


Our people make us different. We have an unwavering commitment to always do the right thing by our customers, our people, and our communities. We are all human beings on this journey together.


Our Promises


Our reputation relies on putting our clients’ goals and objectives first. We are here to make sure you prosper.

To Our Employees

You depend on us to make good decisions and make sacrifices for our long-term success. You should never be expected to take unreasonable risks or take shortcuts for short-term gain.

To Our Families

All of our families depend on Pendulum for the essentials of living. We are committed to this responsibility and will ensure these needs are met for many years to come. At the same time, we are committed to the role we play in our families’ lives – not just someone to pay the bills.

To Our Community

With success comes the obligation to give back to the communities in which we live and work. We look forward to helping our communities thrive.

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